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Injured turtles largely depend on the general public/ a finder for help. If you see an injured turtle please contact us right away. Please do not get discouraged if our phone goes to voice mail ... we all have day jobs! Please simply leave a message or text message us and your call will be returned. In the mean time if you are comfortable and if it is save to do so, please secure the turtle in a box with air holes and keep the animal in a area inaccessible to flies (indoors, in your car with closed windows etc.) Please do not put the turtle in water. Water seeping into shell fractures can lead to bacterial infections and subsequently sepsis.

We had a very concerned caller once ask whether she should put ivermectin on a wound that had already a maggot infestation. Please note ivermectin, regardless of dose or application route is lethal to turtles! The rehabilitator will remove the maggots with other non-toxic methods, so please do not worry about already active maggot infestations of wounds.

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