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About Us

Project Turtle was created with the goal to lessen the number of our native turtles falling victim to thruways and other roadways every year during their migration.

We strive to secure turtles injured in our roadways, offer rehabilitation and veterinary care and ultimately aim for these turtles to be released once recovered.

Although our main focus are car-injured turtles, we also accept sick/ distressed turtles  or turtles injured due to non-car related causes, all native reptiles and amphibians, and corvids (Crows, ravens, Blue jays etc.) as we are NY state licensed and also possess federal migratory bird rehabilitation licenses. 

On a very limited basis we also take exotic species.

Save the Turtles!

We all can play a part in wildlife conservation.

Simply noticing an injured  turtle, remembering the approximate location of the animal and contacting a rehabilitator can save a life, or in the case of a gravid female: many lives!

We proudly serve the following areas and surrounding towns:

Catskills and Hudson Valley of NY (we are located in East Durham, NY)

NYC metro area

Buffalo, NY

Syracuse, NY

Rochester, NY

If you are willing to transport, we most likely can help you ! In fact we depend on your willingness to transport, since our director works 12 hour shifts and spends all her free time tending to animals in our care.

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